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Karnataka congress president DK Shivkumar  has tested positive for covid-19 on Tuesday. he is been hospitalized.

he requests all those who came in contact with him during the last week to get the tests done.

the congress president with the help of tweeting site made the announcement of his vitals. he also coveys a message to his well wishers that he is fine. an is given best he of the care by the doctors.

he said that he was showing early symptoms of corona virus. he was having a high fever. after which he got the test done for which he had tested positive.

covid-19 cases are increasing in India. if this pace continues  India will become the 2nd most affected country after USA.

currently the tolls of Indian cases stand to 31,67,323. its mortality rate stands to 1.25%. which is the least deaths in the entire world.

more than 75% people have recovered. about 24 lakh people have fought against this and recovered. and so far 58,390 deaths have occurred.

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