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Karnataka rekaxes 14-day quarantine rules for interstate travellers.

-by Sahithya S

The Karnataka government decided to relax 14-day quarantine protocols for interstate travelers. This is a change made inits Covid 19 policy and measures.
The efforts to allow for free movement of people and vehicles across borders.

The medical check-up at the state borders, bus stations, railway stations, airports, categorisation of passengers,hand stamping isolation and testing. These are all relaxed.

The Ministry of Home Affairs issued an order to all states to remove all restrictions on inter and intra-state movement of people and goods. The e-passes and other permissions asked to be made optional. Karnataka imposed in following two days.

Bengaluru, has seen a sharp increase in people testing positive. One among the worst affected covid-19 regions in the country.

The 14 days home quaratine is not a requirement. However, they shall self-monitor their health for 14-days. In case of Covid-19 symptoms like fever, cough, cold, throat pain, difficulty in breathing, etc..

He added that the steps taken after careful thought and deliberation. People now allowed to mive around freely.

However, home quarantine had its disadvantages. People often violated the provision. Added to the spread of the virus within the community. For instance this can hamper the prevention against the virus in the state.