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Lebanon blast : nearly 70 killed and 4000 injured.


The two wrecking explosions that blasted Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday killed nearly 70 people and 4000 injury has been reported. The blast devastated the buildings all over the city and caused so many casualties.

The upcoming casualties are expected to rise as the city has experienced a hazardous damage. The cause of the blast is still unknown but it’s been said by the interior minister of Lebanese Mohammad fahmi that there were explosive chemicals stored at the port of beirut ,this might be the reason for the explosion.

The secretary-general of the Kataeb political party, Nizar Najarian, was killed in the blast, and among those injured was Kamal Hayek, the chairman of the state-owned electricity company, who was in critical condition.

The prime minister of India Narendra Modi expressed condolence to the families of the people who met the deadlu explosion.

This has been tweeted by PMO India,”Shocked and saddened by the large explosion in Beirut city leading to loss of life and property. Our thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved families and the injured”

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