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the landslide took place at Rajamala near Munar in the Idukki district. massive storms have hit our country. SP said that the landslide occurred at a place where tea plantation workers reside there.

how many were affected?  five people were killed. while many are feared trapped after a landslide triggered on Friday (August 7).

82 people were living there in four labor camps. We are not sure many people were present there at the time of the landslide.

Kerala CM said that the (NDRF) has been deployed to rescue the landslide victims in Rajamala. He has contacted the IAF to provide helicopter services to Rajamala for rescue operations.

the number of exact people affected is still not known. how many have did is also roughly estimated. many distractions occurred. IAF will now rescue more if survivors. how many infant casualties were caused? where will these people be given shelter till situations come under control?

the year 2020 has taken many lives. through natural and man-made activities. when will situations clam?


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