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Minor gives birth to baby , raped by old man

The rape incidents are tragic in India and regularly there are cases that are reported every day which is no less than nightmares. One of the devastating incident happened in delhi and a minor rape victim gave birth to a baby which is really disturbing for the society.

“We received information on Saturday night regarding the infant. Police reached the spot and rushed the baby to a hospital. When we checked the CCTV footage of the area, the baby was found with a girl,” a senior police officer said.

The police was reported by nearby people about the baby delivered by 16 year old girl on the terrace of her house. later on when police searched for the girl she said that she was raped by an old man but she wasn’t able to tell her mother as she was scared to hell.

Due to shame now she left the baby near a shop and when police was informed they filed case of rape and child protection .

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