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After the demise of SSR. his family and fans asked for a CBI inquiry. since Mumbai police worked inefficiently. and declared that SSR committed suicide. thus the case is now been looked by the CBI.

where they have found many evidences. and will soon unveil the truth. Rhea, showik, Gaurav Arya, sandeep pithani, jaya saha are the prime suspects of CBI. they have been questioned for several hours by the ED. where they have given misguiding answers.

recently it was found that Rhea consumed drugs. but when asked by ED she said that SSR was a drug addict. it is proven that rhea has chatted with Gaurav about drugs. and SSR’s father says that Rhea killed his son by giving him drugs.

thus this case has completely taken a turn. where now it makes involvement of narcotic control bureau. the NCB  has registered case against all the above prime suspects.

on Tuesday NCB team conducted raid in Mumbai city including film city.

drug peddlers were arrested. MDMA was the drug which rhea chatted about with gaurav. it is one of the dangerous drug. which in large amounts is fatal. allegations are put by SSR’s father that due to this drug his son died. rhea being the prime reason.

raids continue to take place. and big celebrities and businessman shall also fall in the trap made by NCB. the drug MDMA which is illegal in India, was what rhea asked for. and after all this drug chats she says she never was involved in drug activities.

some parts of Goa the neighboring state of Maharashtra was also raided. gaurav arya the drug dealer is a businessman who runs two hotels in Goa. NCB suspects that there are chances he can conduct illegal activities in his hotels.

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