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Pm modi addressed the nation , says fighting corruption is a collective responsibility

The prime minister of India today spoke about corruption during an anti corruption and vigilance meeting in which he hosted a national conference to ensure a more vigilant society. Narendra Modi said that the Circle of corruption that has been continued from various generation is the reason behind hollowing of the nation.

“Be it corruption, economic offences, drugs, money laundering, terrorism or terror funding, all these are connected to each other. So, we need to work together with holistic approach against corruption, through systemic checks, effective audits and capacity building and training,” the PM modi addressed nation during the National conference.

The prime minister continued and said that this circle continues because when a generation committs the crime , and left free , then the further generation gathers the courage and hence in many states this is seen quite evidently.

Pm modi addressed and said that corruption can’t be destroyed single handedly . This requires efforts as a whole. When all the agencies will gather together only then coruption can be destroyed and it’s a collective responsibility.



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