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PM Modi urges people to take precautions

-by Sahithya S

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged citizens of the country to take precautions against tropical and vector-borne diseases. During this season they are very common. However the centre is also monitoring the situation.

PM Modi had tweeted, “This is the season of tropical and vector-borne diseases. I urge you all to take the right precautions. The government is also closely monitoring the situation and ensuring care to those affected. Stay safe, be happy!”

Meanwhile, Union health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan also held a review meeting. This was with the officials of Delhi health department and the municipal corporations. 

Vector-borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya, and malaria are common now.It is important to take measures to control these diseases. All the states are asked to be prepared.

Dr Harsh Vardhan said that the meeting was necessary as everyone was busy in battling COVID-19. This cannot be ignored. This is also risky. With covid taking toll this would cause more havoc.

Separately WHO also called for widespread flu vaccinations this year. This happened today.We should take anti flu vaccinations. If not there would be more complications with corona now around the world. Everybody should become aware and should be pre cautious.