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PM’s digital health mission might face hurdles

-by Sahithya S

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched a Mission.This was on Independence Day.The ambitious National Digital Health Mission (NDHM).Adopting and implementing this surely has its share of challenges. The health experts have predicted.

The covid-19 crisis has put immense pressure on India’s poor health infrastructure. Because of the country’s limited resources this will further increase the problems. After that in the implementation of NDHM things will get more complicated. This comprises six essential digital building blocks—Health ID, DigiDoctor, health facility registry, personal health records, e-pharmacy and telemedicine.

The brilliant technology would surely bea game changer. But it is expected to face hurdles, especially in rural India. Here due to poor internet connectivity and little digital health resources.

The government need to train the people in rural areas. Something has to be regarding the connectivity and other resources. An official said that most villages need a minimum of 2 Mbps for a didgital consultation.He feels most villages do not require digital infrastructure for this.

India has over 350 internet service providers . However broadband connection is just 6%.

Electronic health records (EHR) is a 2018 report by the ministry of electronics and information technology. Here in a roadmap for India the shortage of basic needs to implement the systemwas highlighted. Government hospitals hve very less communication and records. Only a few public hospitals have computers and network connectivity. The report said huge investments in hardware and software were required.

EHR is the foundation for NDHM. The differences across India is a major difficulty. The quality and availability of health services, is different in different parts of the country.