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Pollution level up even before Diwali

Diwali is said to be full of pollution because of crackers , but as of now diwali is far enough , but the level of pollution in delhi and other states have rise a lot.

The asthmatic conditions have increased , causing difficulty in breathing.

Every year near to diwali the pollution level increased but this year the records are being broken as the particles of pollutants have increased a lot.

Many people complained of uneasiness in throat and runny eyes .

This is all due to the toxic smog that has been gathered around the atmosphere layer causing uneasy things to people.

“The wind speed slowed down suddenly after 10 am in the Delhi-NCR region due to an anti-cyclone. The temperatures have dipped alarmingly over the last few days. Unfavourable meteorological conditions trapped pollutants, resulting in a haze,” a senior scientist of IMD, V K Soni stated .

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