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Railways suspend 14 pairs of special trains

Farmers in Punjab began three-day “rail roko” protest against farm Bills. The Railways suspended several trains to avoid a confrontation with them. 14 pairs of special trains remain suspended from September 24 till 26. This to keep in mind the safety of passengers and protection of railway property from any damage.

Trains suspended the Golden Temple Mail (Amritsar-Mumbai Central), Jan Shatabdi Express (Haridwar-Amritsar), New Delhi-Jammu Tawi, Karambhoomi (Amritsar-New Jalpaiguri), Sachkhand Express (Nanded-Amritsar) and Shaheed Express (Amritsar-Jaynagar). However routine passenger train service remains suspended due to COVID-19.

The call for ‘rail roko’ agitation given by the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh committee. Farmers have decided to squat on rail tracks near Devidaspur village in Amritsar and Basti Tanka wala in Ferozepur. However farmers in Punjab have expressed that the Bills would pave a way for dismantling the minimum support price system, leaving them at the “mercy” of big corporates.