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Sara khan tests positive for covid19

Popular television celebrity sara khan has tested positive for the covid19. The better thing is that she is asymptomatic. She shared on his Instagram about her condition.

Sara Khan shared a note on Instagram, which read, “Unfortunately today I have tested positive for coronavirus!! Authorities and doctors instructed to quarantine at home!! Feeling fine and wishing for the speedy recovery.”

I’ve taken a break from shooting for a few days since I was feeling under the weather, but when I took the Covid-19 test, it came in positive. I’m following my doctor’s medical advice religiously, and I’m hoping to get well soon.

Regarding her issues she said that ,
“I am asymptomatic, but asymptomatic or symptomatic, one has to maintain good hygiene and a safe distance from everyone in both cases. I’d advise everyone who came in close proximity with me to get themselves tested.”

The actress also added that , “I’m following home remedies because they work the best, and steam of course. Covid-19 can happen to anyone, so it’s really important to maintain overall good health so that when it hits you, you have an immune system strong enough to fight back the virus.”

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