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SC refuses to grant permission for Muharram processions

-by Sahithya S

The Supreme Court refused to grant permission for Muharram processions. Due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The court asked the petitioners to approach high courts of the respective states. No risking people’s lives.

The plea, filed by prominent Shia leader from Uttar Pradesh, Syed Kalbe Jawad, sought permission for the procession with only five participants who would ensure all covid-19 safety norms are followed .However the state cannot pass general orders. It is not possible to give general directions. It will create chaos.  Similarly this is not safe at present.

For instance the court was referring to the Tablighi Jamaat incident. The building where the event organised had become one of the biggest hotspots in India. Therefore significantly adding to the number of cases across the country.

The court directed the petitioners to implead the 28 states. With respect to Muharram procession. The chief justice had said, “States are not party, we can’t pass order without hearing the States as procession will take place in States.”

The bench informed petitioners. At present with this situation. The state governments empowered to enforce the Centre’s guidelines. This issued under the Disaster Management Act to tackle covid-related decisions.