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Scientists decode how lungs are damaged as a result of COVID 19.

-by Sahithya S

A high resolution imaging technique was used to examine the damaged lung tissues.Scientists have found the changes caused by COVID-19 in the structure of the organ’s blood vessels and air sacs. This has gives a new scope of development for treatment.

The scientists have developed a new X-ray technique which enables high resolution. And    3-D imaging of lung tissues. The various changes in the body after the attack of the infection was studied. The changes the body undergoes make gas exchange by the organ either difficult or impossible. Without cutting or staining this virtual study helps more better.

A detailed study of the microscopic tissue structure and the larger function of an organ.

“Based on this first proof-of-concept study, we propose multi-scale phase contrast X-ray tomography as a tool to unravel the pathophysiology of COVID-19,” the researchers wrote in the study.

This research has helped a new path for a treatment study. Therefore scientists are learning more about the infection. And are finding better treatment solutions.

“It is only when we can clearly see and understand what is really going on, that we can develop targeted interventions and drugs,” said Danny Jonigk, a co-author of the study from Medical University Hannover in Germany.