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Covid vaccine might be ready by February 2021

Amid the noise of corona virus there’s some warming news that has come now about the vaccine of the virus.

The official statement suggest that indigenous vaccine COVAXIN might get ready as early as February 2021.

This will be quite satisfying and relieving for the people here.

The vaccine has shown really efficient result in the final stages .

Meanwhile it has been prepared by Bharat biotech ,and the guidelines has been issued by ICMR.

“It has shown safety and efficacy in the phase 1 and 2 trials and in the animal studies – so it is safe but you can’t be 100 per cent sure unless the phase 3 trials are over.” Says the officials of ICMR.

“There may be  some risk, if you are ready to take the risk, you can take the vaccine. If necessary, the government can think of giving the vaccine in an emergency situation.” This is the statement of senior scientist of ICMR, Rajni kant.


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