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Second set of rafale jet arrived in jamnagar

Earlier in India rafale jets were imported from France and now another batch of the Rafale has been imported to India.

The Indian air force has released a video in which the new set of rafale jets is seen landing on the land of jamnagar.

The Indian air force stated that the rafale jets have been imported to home land by continuous flying direct from France.

Earlier in july the first set of Rafale jets were imported to India . The landing of first batch was in ambala and after that the current batch arrived in jamnagar.

“The second batch of three Rafale aircraft got airborne from Istres airbase in France and flew for over eight hours before landing at an IAF base. They covered a distance of over 3700 nautical miles with three in-flight refuellings.” The Indian air forced shared on the official twiiter handle.

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