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SSR’s death has left the entire country in complete shock. his case has reveled many dirty secretes of film industry.

trend in film industry is to provide work to the nepo kids. even if they dont know acting. talents like SSR are not accepted. the major turn which took place was handing over the case to CBI. because of which we are not too far from the truth.

later the surprising turn was taken by NCB. this case made involvement of drug. SSR’s father says that Rhea killed his son by giving him, drugs. NCB has registered case against Rhea and fellow prime suspects including Showik, the major one.

NCB raided various places in Mumbai including film city. and have arrested 3 drug peddlers. these drug peddlers knew showik.

showik was quested by ED later. after which he also took rhea’s name. currently the NCB has arrested showik chakraborty.

for illegally handling dangerous drugs. he will be produced in front of the court on Saturday. after which he may revel the big celebrities also who are involved.

this case might also later get a lead. so as to the exact reason for SSR’s death.

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