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India lost one of its gem about 2 months ago. SSR  mysterious death took place on 14 june. after which it was declared a suicide by the mumbai police. however his family and fans later urged for a CBI inquiry.

SSR was called a drug addict and a depressive person by Rhea chakarborty. after which SSR’s father alleged that Rhea killed his son by giving him drugs. this fact is being proved. and evidences are found.

however Rhea’s whats app chats with certain people speak a lot. she was having a chat about the MDMA drug. with gaurav arya and jaya saha. these two are now been suspected.

showik, Rhea, Gaurav, Sandeep and Jaya along with other prime suspects were questioned by CBI and the ED. after which they have found clues which can solve the further case.

another suspect named Deepesh has been in recent news. he was SSR’s manager. who’s recent chats revel a lot of mystery. according to the chats. it is said that SSR’S had signed a big contract worth crores before his death on the 9th June.

the question now arises is. if SSR was depressed then why would he sign a contract when he knew he was going to suicide. this fact proves that SSR has not committed suicide. if he wanted to suicide then why would he sign such a big contract few days before his death?

these clues have proved that SSR was not a depressed person or a drug addict. he was a person of a long term vision. who planned his things in advance. all these allegations made by Rhea are now pointing back towards her.

it was also seen today in the late evening. that Rhea has filed an FIR in the Santa Cruz police station.

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