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Subramanian Swamy urged to conduct entrance exam after Diwali

The corona virus crisis is touching high numbers every passing day but life is coming on path . The exams that are to be conducted is under various speculation. Subramanian swami , the leader if BJP has pleaded Narender Modi and education minister Ramesh Pokhriyal to conduct exams after the diwali.

“I have just spoken to the Minister of Education suggesting that NEET and other exams be conducted after Deepavali. The SC order the other day is not a bar since the Hon’ble Court has left the date to the government. I am sending an urgent letter to the PM just now,” tweeted Swamy.

“There is wide spread desperation amongst the youth since this exam is make or break for them and they have to take it fully prepared. Holding the exam in toy opinion you may lead to a large number of suicides around the country of youth,” the letter read.

Holding the exam in my opinion we may lead to a large number of suicides around the country of youth. The Supreme Court judgement doesn’t mind the government at all…. on whether to now or two weeks later or two months later, the examinations. It is a policy decision of the government,” he said.

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