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CBI is showing a speedy investigation in the case of SSR. where by they have found many evidence. they have been looking into Rhea chakarborty and sandeep Singh as the suspects.

Mumbai police has not handed over all evidences. reports also say that they must have destroyed most of the important details. sushants death report provided by the cooper hospital is manipulated. thus it is now sent to the AIIMS hospital.

BJP leader subramaniyan swamy with the help of tweeter, said that SSR was poisoned before he died. this is still been looked upon. today CBI found a catch which will help in solving the case in Rhea’s chat with a lady named jaya. where by they had a chat regarding the MD-MA which is drug.

why was she discussing about drugs? is Mumbai police so negligent that drug supplies are happening in Mumbai ? or is it that the Mumbai police was supporting these influential film industrialists.

currently CBI is gathering details about Jaya. and soon she will be investigated. she is seen to play a major role in SSR’s death. after SSR died and also on the day he died records say that Rhea was continuously contacting Jaya. soon the truth shall unveil.

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