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The car caught fire in Maharashtra| minister dead

The shocking incident happened in Maharashtra. The leader of a renowned party NCP met an accident in the Nashik Maharashtra. The leader was travelling through a car and his car caught fire in the mid way. The name of the leader , also the victim, is sanjay shinde , aged 55. He was the vice president of talukha unit.

The police revealed that he was travelling mid way when the car caught fire. He tried to rescue himself but the doors of car got locked . He wasn’t able to get out even though he tried to break the glasses and this lead to his death inside the car itself.

“We found a bottle of hand sanitiser inside the car, and we suspect that the blaze might have spread quickly due to it as it is an inflammable substance,” the police official said.

Meanwhile a case has been filed about the death caused to accident in the nearby police station.

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