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The first batch of covid vaccine made in Russia – sputnik v.


After successful launch of the vaccine , Russia has produced it’s first batch of the covid vaccine , amid the various speculation about vaccine all over the world by scientists.

Puri has said that the vaccine has underwent all the necessary testing. His daughter has been injected with the vaccine too.

The Presidents of Russia said , ” the first vaccination, she had a body temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, while the following day it was slightly over 37 degrees Celsius, that’s it.After the second injection, the second vaccination, her temperature also rose a little, and then everything cleared up, she feels good and the titers are high.”

Putin said that the vaccine is effective and showing the best results. He thanked everyone who worked in this procedure.

“I hope that our colleagues abroad will also move forward, and there will be quite a lot of products that can be used on the market, on the world market for medicines and vaccines,” Putin said.

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