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The new deadly virus in china- 7 dead and 60 infected


Corona virus has been drastically deadly for the whole world. Now a infectious disease has been found in china which has killed 7 people and seventy people are infected with the virus. The tick- born virus is found in various parts of china.

In the first half of the year more than 37 people in East China’s Jigansu contacted with the SFTS virus whereas 23 people were found to be inflected in Anhui province of china. This has been released by Sources.

A woman from Nanjing was suffering from the virus. She showed symptoms such as fever, coughing. Doctors found a decline of leukocyte, blood platelet inside her body. After treatment she was discharged in a week.

At least seven people have died in Anhui and East China’s Zhejiang province due to the virus which has been found in china.

This virus is not new meanwhile the pathogen of virus has been found in china in 2011. This is believed that the virus has been transmitted to humans through ticks. The possibility of human to human transmission is through mucous and blood so with enough precautions there’s no need to panic much.

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