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The trial of covid vaccine about to start in serum institute

The covid vaccine is now the Hotspot topic all around the world and now in India the trials of vaccines is about to get started. The government is trying to take all the necessary initiative to tackle the problem in the country. Apart from the case rising there’s drastic increase in recovering cases also.

There are sources revealing that the serum institute and bharat biotech is about to start the last stage clinical trials of the intranasal vaccine of covid -19 . The thing that needs a mention is that the trials will only be started once there is an approval from the authorities.

Generally during the final trials thousands of the participants are involves , moreover sometimes 30 to 40 thousands of people are injected with vaccine so as to have a brief research and result.

Meanwhile some of the laboratory including Dr. Reddy’s laboratories have got the permission to start the vaccine trials.


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