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Unised International School with best Student Teacher Ratio in India




Unised international

The Student-Teacher ratio plays an important role in supervising and monitoring the performance of a child. As per “Unised International” guidelines, it covers a ratio of –one teacher to twenty students. The reason being, chances of passive and uninterested attitude among students is likely to develop.

Each child is different; so, individual attention is required to understand the behavior and keep track of his/her performance along with perception. Our league of teaching staff is arrayed in such a way that each student is treated as-one classroom, itself.

This ratio is ignored nowadays, by guardians, school administration, and students. Which is a matter of great concern. It’s a big problem as it affects the learning and future of students that often go unnoticed.

When a school lacks a proper student-teacher ratio following problems arise:

  1. Students don’t receive proper attention because the teacher messes up with the check on every student. Moreover, due to restricted time duration teacher puts off the queries for later. This leads to unanswered and unclear concepts of the problem facing students and unfortunately results in poor training. And, if this continues for a long time a student loses his interest and curiosity to explore and learn that subject.
  2. School resources are poorly allocated: large slots of students sometimes don’t receive the benefits of available resources.
  3. Increases the workload of a teacher that makes them impatient, arrogant, and ignorant. It can affect the pattern and behavior of a teacher which can disturb the cooperation, coordination, and friendliness from both sides.
  4. Students may develop the habits of cheating, hiding mistakes, and escaping lessons knowing that they won’t be caught. That can dangerously affect their morals and knowledge in the future.
  5. The education of a child can be hampered especially, at an early stage because fundamentals are building blocks of higher concepts. A pre-school is a root to every field you opt for in your later future. According to the policy of “United International”, every child is our responsibility. We have limited our student-teacher ratio to 1:20. And, for much better education we have hired experienced, well-versed, and matured teachers to teach your child with the best of the best practices with the latest provided technology. 

    Besides this teachers are hired after passing policy criteria such as good listening and communication skills, managerial ability, engaging personality, passion for teaching, confidence, flexibility,, and outright knowledge in their subject.


    Being a modern school our technology in classrooms saves much time for teachers, which is used for better training, personality development, and rectifying a child’s flaws and confusion.


    Our programs can make your child future-ready as we try to give a real-world experience to your child right from their primary age. Our artificial intelligence, virtual, and augmented reality-based classrooms help students is exploring all the dimensions of a problem. Our focus is on the “how” of every subject.

    For example, A child can lag behind while reading a story as every student can’t think and read at the same speed. Involving animations and gamification along with dialogue can make him/her live that story which helps in a better understanding of that situation. As it is well quoted by Sir E.O. Wilson that –“ You teach me, I forget. You show me, I remember. You involve me, I understand”.


    Your child can turn into a better performer by performing, not only by reading about -how to perform. This can be done when each student is monitored and evaluated by activities and participation not just by reading, writing, and cramming.

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    Therefore, make your child a master of every subject together with our responsible and experienced teachers.

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