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the unlock phase 4 has started nationwide. the containment zones are provided with special set of rules. proper precautionary measures must be taken. social distancing at market places and stores. wearing masks.

Indian tolls allegedly keep increasing everyday. current status being 36.91 lakh. and about 70,000 people have died.

in such situation CM of UP yogi Adityanath provides special set of rules for its state.

  • the rules being the shops and market places shall remain open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm, but must¬† compulsorily be shut down on Sundays.
  • police is urged to increase their patrolling duty to ensure proper measure are taken by the people in the public.
  • CM also said that tests shall be carried out everyday. to ensure proper health.
  • the the state projects which are taken under shall be completed at a faster pace.
  • strong actions will be taken against those violating the rules.
  • senior most doctors will carry a digital survey, where people will be informed about the importance of taking precautionary measures and what are consequences of violating them.

the govt is there to provide rules. further it is the duty of the citizen to practice them. vaccines shall soon be produced assures the Indian govt.


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