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Vaccine by Oxford and AstraZeneca may be ready by November 2

The covid vaccine is a hotspot topic for the whole world as of now. Every day there’s some news regarding the vaccine but there is nothing positive yet. But now London is going to give a good news as the reports suggest. The statement says that the vaccine might be ready from November 2.

The vaccine that is being developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University is in it’s final trials now and soon will pass the final trials, says the officials.

The trials of human showed a really warming result for old age people as well. The people who were injected with the vaccine shows a commendable growth of T – cells and immunity.

From age group 16- 55 , the vaccine didn’t showed any side effect. If everything goes right , then the vaccine will be provided to common men in the end of year , but firstly to frontline workers.


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