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A bizzare incident| man found alive in refrigerator

A shocking incident occured in the kandampatti in salem city. A person of 74 year old was placed in the freezer by the person of his family , meanwhile the person came out alive which was a whole shock for the family.

On Tuesday evening the man was taken out by the area police and then he was takento to the nearby hospital of the area.

The man who was found inside the fridge was living with his brother in his house. The name of the person is balsubhramaniya kumar and he was living with daughter of his sister and his real younger brother.

The police says that the mental condition of younger brother is not in proper state and that’s why the critical state of his brother made him feel he is dead. That’s why he ordered a fridge to keep the dead body but later on kumar was rescued. The condition is still critical.

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