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Ankush Shitta – a reformed successor.

Ankush Shitta is from village Gushali tehsil chirgoan district Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

He was initially studying at Lovely Lovely professional University. He was led towards drugs. He used the money given for his college fees on drugs. This with time became an addiction. Due to drugs (shitta) he was not able to fulfill the minimum requirement of 75% attendance in college. His family learned about this. Due to lack of attendance, he had a backlog in his 2nd semester. His family however didn’t know much about this addiction.

He later wanted to reform from these destructive ways. He started making videos regularly on Instagram. His father was very much supportive and he advised him lessons of life. Unexpectedly Ankush’s first video became extremely viral during March. He was 19 years old then. He started his own YouTube channel from 7 Feb 2020. By August 31st he would become 20 years old.

He wants to make some music videos and aspires to perform live shows. He gets a lot so direct messages asking for paid collaborations. And he also wants to work for Netflix movies. However h,e politely denies as he has other goals in life.He had now taken admission again for the further st year. He plans to restart life. A fresh start with a persistent and dedicated goal is sure to help him reach success.

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