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      -By Sahithya S

While a 21 day lockdown seemed extremely farfetched we have spent almost 3 months staying at home. A pandemic beyond human expectation. With corona cases increasing each day at a fast pace and taking up a lot of lives the stepping out is out of question. What are you all doing staying at home? How are you spending your time?

Here I am with a few interesting things you can do at home to make this lockdown fun.

  • Watch a film.

If paying a watching series or a movie on any OTT platform doesn’t fit in your budget here are some easier options. Popcorn time for a lot of English movies and series and openculture has a great list of 1150 free films without having to pay.

  • Reading books

A good book and a cup of coffee or a bowl of maggi would surely make a perfect evening time.

  • Writing a book

If you are not into reading then why not write you own!? If you have always wanted to write a book this would surely be the perfect time. Even you can write one with the current situation as the story line.

  • Doodle away you boredom

While doodling not only waves away boredom it can help a person mentally as well. It can be a brilliant stress buster. Take a pen and a note and let your creative juices flowing.

  • Start working out at home

Staying at home eating and sleeping and worried about you weight? Why don’t you start working out at home. Doing household work like sweeping, moping can also be a form of workout. Get back in shape before you step out again !!

  • Try exploring a lot of new things

If you have never cooked try cooking something. Online has a lot of these interesting recipes that you can make from scratch. Try learning a language you always wanted to learn but never got a chance or the time to do it.

  • Cleaning

Not something all of us happy about right? But then you can actually discover things you have been searching for this way!! Time consuming but if you divide and coordinate the work properly it can be done easily.


Do try all these and more than this look at this period as the perfect time to spend more time with you family. Let us hope all this comes to an end and we get back to our routine soon. Till then let us make full use of this time!!