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many of us have digestion problems. this is because our metabolic activities work slow.

what is metabolism? let’s see how we can boost our metabolism.

do not over-exercise. it may seem losing more calories is good but it makes your body weak.

don’t skip your meals. your body is used to taking proper meals. if you skip it won’t be able to adapt.

prefer veggies. it will keep your system healthy. junkies reduce your metabolism.

walk a little after your meals. it is important to digest. or else you will feel uneasy the entire day.

cut down on sugars and fats. add proteins, little of carbs, fibers.

drink milk.if you don’t like plain milk add some flavors. milk strengthens your immune system.

prefer drinking veggie soups for dinner. it is light and healthy. since our body cannot digest food at night.

eat foods that contain iron. it will boost your metabolism quickly.

prefer drinking water in copper vessels.

taking proper sleep also has effects on our metabolism.

try tulsi can clove tea. good for your tummy. also tastes good.

drink at least 10 liters of water daily.

stay active. keep moving. don’t stay seated for a long time.

try these some tips and see the changes. it takes time nothing can happen over¬† night. stay dedicated to your thoughts. don’t stop with your practices, it will lead you nowhere.


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