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Constable hit & run by BMW in delhi

In delhi a police constable met an accident after he tried to stop a fast running BMW .

The car was being run by a 28 year old man who is student of law and also running a gym as an owner of it.

Due to the high speed of car the police constable tried to stop the car but instead of stopping , the car ran over the constable hitting him really hard.

The man named , kuldeep bidhuri was driving near sarita vihar, when jitneder and Ankur constables were on duty , nearly at 12 am the police tried to stop him and the car ran over him.

Jitender suffered many severe leg fractures , but now his condition is stable. The police arrested kuldeeo bidhuri, and a case has been filed against him.

“Ankur called the emergency response vehicle (ERV) of Sarita Vihar Police Station. After seeing the ERV, they (accused) ran towards Janta Flats, Madanpur Khadar and were followed by police,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police.

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