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Corona times | family fun|


Continuous high pitch laughter and kitchen chef magics .. have you think what will happen to these happenings once you will be back to your routine?

Fellas, this fact that corona has ruined lives is true like hell but the family time that it has given to us is no less than a blessing. Have you ever spend this much fun days after your school completed and you stepped out of your house? The answer is no for sure. However, if you are staying with your family in tough times then you are truly blessed. Enjoying the kitchen chef moment to playing ludo king with your family mates are always going to be placed in your best life moments forever.

So here brings ou some of the moments that you will cherish your whole life.

“Super chef of the kitchen”

Ta-da.. here’s the best pizza you will ever have! Is it sounds so familiar to you? Baking a cake that you tried on the mother’s day or any birthday that fell during the quarantine which without the concern either spoiled badly or just came out just perfect is something that we are going to remember always and a must mention the scolding that you got from mum was no less than fun after spoiling kitchen.

” Whose turn to wash utensils”
Bartan on the area? How often we did the dishes before lockdown? None of us did that instead we all were dependent on our helpers who came daily to minimize the work load. But during the pandemic, no one was allowed for the domestic help that’s why we all needed to do them all by ourselves. Fighting with your siblings and then being scolded by mommy we had to do them nicely to avoid further lectures.

“Fighting over games like ludo or snake ladder”

Boredom was high so many of the families used to entertain themselves with these old school games that made a slaying turn during the lockdown. All of us have one member in our family who tried to cheat and win but this always resulted in a house war and in the end all that we witnessed was the spoiled board of the game.

“Being scolded for waking up late”

Mommies always tried to make a point for waking up early but all the youngsters were just too busy in binge-watching Netflix, as a result, a late alarm was set up which surely induced a long lecture from parents in the morning. This is something that you are gonna miss the most once you get back to your hostels or work place.

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