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Delhi shows a detoriating pollution level

The pollution level in delhi is alarmingly rising. The reports released on Friday suggest the highly detoriating levels of pollution that has been recorded by the authorities. The extreme and severe pollutants have been witnessed in the research.

Previously the air quality index was 307 and now it has been rise to a whopping 374 which itself shows how damaging this could be for the population. The AQI index is detoriating and hence increasing the population in the capital.

SAFAR, in its reports suggest that the air quality of delhi is considered as the most poor or very poor and now the situation is worsening.

Meanwhile very poor is considered when AQI is 301 to 400 and above 400 is considered severe. Moreover 10 places in delhi recorded severe index of air pollution.

‘This will lead to low ventilation conditions for an extended period and accumulation of pollutants near the surface. Further deterioration of AQI is expected for the two days,” SAFAR said in statement.

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