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Feminisim? Learn the true meaning here!


“Do you like the term feminism? No, I prefer gender equality. Do you want water? No, I will prefer H2O.”

A whole big point of contradictions is solved with this simple explanation above. A single word that can start a hot long conversation is generally misunderstood by most of the intellectuals. Feminism states to protect the rights of women while keeping gender equality as the base. This is wrong to say that it means only to protect female rights. This term is not a weapon that one can use to justify anything anyhow they want to do. Women who feel that having the freedom to the club and wearing revealing clothes is freedom are just trying to satisfy their minds for the sake of enjoyment.
The topics which need light are that either a lady is equally paid the same as a man in a particular field or is the right to education of a girl is being exploited just because the school is far away from the village and it’s not safe? FEMINISM is to cope with the equality issues it must not be misunderstood as a ticket to do whatever things you want to do without considering the ethics of your culture.

Emma Watson who is a wonderful actress stated that women and men both should feel free to be sensitive as well as strong. Look this is true if a woman was mistreated then it was considered tradition rather than tragedy. Only because of the over exploitation women faced and still facing in many areas we still need feminism. This is disgusting to digest that some of the women under the disguise of feminism tries to keep things under control in a wrong manner which is not acceptable at all. Where in one part of society young girls who are bright enough are not even getting their basic requirements while some females are taking the cover of feminism to exploit their in-laws and husband. This is to be understood properly that all you need is a leadership skill, not the attitude of being bossy.

Empowerment of women is not about restricting the amount of skin that is okay to be revealed or justifying the consumption of alcohol. These points don’t even need to be considered when discussing feminism. Instead, focus on the areas where in the evening the lady of the house who works all the day and is a homemaker is referred as being free all the day, and a man of the house who comes from the office is regarded as tired because of the tough day at the office. Managing a home is not an easy job, so here is the real need for feminism. Instead of debating over the length of the skirt, we should discuss the reason why only the girl in the house is asked to do the chores, responsibilities, and rights goes hand in hand and it needs to be distributed equally only then the true meaning of feminism is justified.

Just because of some misconceptions and wrong use of the word feminism people tend to be hateful towards those who consider themselves feminists, but this is a whole truth that if you are with gender equality then you are a feminist there’s no other definition for it. And if you feel that you can call yourself a feminist just because your party late in the night with the freedom to consume alcohol and can wear whatever you want then you are not right. Freedom doesn’t lie in this stuff moreover it has a deep meaning. Something that is the basic right, can be a dream for someone. Yes! this has a deeper meaning. There are so many areas where a girl doesn’t even have the basic hygiene necessities and right to education. This must be our responsibility not to exploit the word feminism instead learn to respect the real meaning it has.

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