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Flaunt the glitter in your veins: love yourself in lockdown

Have you ever looked at someone and thought that how could someone be so positive and full of vibrant vibes? That’s not any kind of magic instead that’s just the peaceful mind of that person which reflects in the personality.

Many of us are at home now and those who are in their final year of graduation and School feels low on certain days. This is because they are not able to manage their plans in this phase of life.
Keeping this aside it is crucial to managing your body and soul. You must start keeping yourself active and positive throughout the day for a better and productive life.

This is a thing to be noted that it’s necessary to love yourself no matter what kind of situation you are facing in your day to day life. There’s no point in stressing about the things that are not going to matter to you after five years. Isn’t that a justification to not think about some messy people who are not going to matter you later on?

You must use this time to groom your brain and soul and start maintaining certain habits that will pay you good mental and physical Wellbeing.

start writing a journal: Make it a ritual to write a journal about all the stuff that is done by you in a day. This will help you to self evaluate yourself and you can write anything without fear of judgment. Be your best friend.

A home photoshoot: okay! So now this is something most of us enjoy. Dress up in a beautiful ensemble of yours and organize a particular corner of your house for some nice insta-worthy pictures. You can click your portraits and you will love doing that.

Start writing short stories: If you like writing and reading then start writing short stories. You can even start posting whatever you write about. If you want to be a protagonist you can become whatever you want to be in your stories through your imagination. This is a fun activity to enjoy.


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