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How to be confident in your genetic hair type?


Living with a cute nest on your head is no less than a magical view. Isn’t it a unique texture of hair that needs just a bit more care for a more beautiful flip? I have seen so many young girls around who don’t like the beautiful locks they have instead wants them to be straighten out either with a hair treatment or sometimes using DIY hair hacks. This lack of love for the beauty they are gifted is surely aroused by the non-welcoming behavior of the surrounding society towards the particular curly hair type. At some level people understands the uniqueness of every hair type but still there are some area where beauty lies only in the shiny straight hairs.

Lots of young women flaunt the twirled locks effortlessly but there are few who are embarrassed to have a particular texture of hair. It’s quite visible in the society where many educated and sensible looking individual stereotypes the curly hair texture as a messy and rough thing which don’t matches the requirements of beautiful hairs or so called Beauty standards. In spite of all this there are young influencers who flaunts the beautiful hair texture with lots of confidence.

The confidence boost depends on the surrounding you are living in . While looking at the bigger platforms people have more intellectual thinking about the texture of hairs but when you look at the smaller area or you say not so urban areas girls having curly head are categorised as having a messy nest and something like this . people should start thinking more sincerely about these funny puns they make which are funny for only them and not at all a part of comedy.

The texture of your hair depends on your genetics and it has nothing to do with the amount of product you use on them. Caring for your hair is very important but you can’t change the texture of your hair by using a hair cleanser . There are so many brands endorsing about straight silky hair which is automatically a stereotype that only straight smooth hairs are beautiful. Instead the focus should be on improving the particular texture you have and being confident and comfortable in it.

According to the ancient cultures many deities and god are shown with beautiful curly locks. Even in the Greek mythologies many of the gods are seen with the curly hair sketches. But unfortunately many young girls are not able to accept the natural way in which their hairs fall into. Think about it carefully is it worth using all the chemicals on your hairs just for the sake of some abnormal mind sets of people out there. Having hair issues like hair fall, hair thinning and decreased hair growth is common after the use of any unnatural substance on your scalp. This needs a deep thought that how can the use of chemicals on your body is justified only because of the factor that a particular type of hair is desirable.

The locks on your head are your matter of concern and it has no point to match a particular level of Beauty which is just a useless myth or you can say a small mind of some individuals. All the ladies having any hair texture are beautiful in their own way. The super power of every being is that he or she is unique and no one have the right to set a particular line of beauty. Your ultimate Focus must be your self confidence and anything else that tries to pull you down must be ignored to the fullest extent like a boss.

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