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– by Sahithya S

Memory plays a pivotal role in everybody’s life. In every move, it is the memory that keeps the ball of life rolling. Having a poor memory may be a complex problem.

For example when we meet a person after a long time ,we may not remember his/her name.Such things are negligible. Anyway so as to not embarrass him/ her after exchanging pleasantries ,just ask his/her initial.Then the person will tell you their initial and name.Here are ways to boost your memory .

Sleeping pattern.Sleep comes first .It is like recharging the battery as the brain need sufficient rest.Everytime we sleep, our subconscious mind becomes active and hence we dream.We get enough oxygen need to stimulate the brain when we sleep.

Give yourself a self test. Keep about six different objects,take a look at what you are seeing,turn away and start jotting down what they are from memory. Keep increasing the number of objects gradually. Repetition is a way of learning or memorizing. Understand and learn things.Keep recalling what you have read or written. It will help you to keep that on your memory.
Regular exercise and overcoming fatigue and stress adds up to the memory power.