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Kangana Ranaut shared wedding pictures of brother.

Kangana Ranaut shared some pictures on her social media handle , capturing the festivities of her brother’s wedding.

The fashion movie actress has been in Udaipur for grand wedding of her brother which is a close affair only.

Actress Kangana Ranaut looked Beautiful in a magnificent attire and she shared some gushy pictures with her family .

Kangna wrote , ” Dear friends, bless my brother Aksht and his new bride Ritu, hope they find great companionship in this new phase of their lives “.

She posted some other pictures with her sister and newlywed sister-in- law.

Kangana said that Ranaut’s are basically from Udaipur and that’s why they will host the wedding of her brother only in Udaipur. For that they have been travelling to their parents’ hometown.

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