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Let’s talk about delightful and luxurious living today – Ketan Pawar

It takes a certain flair and charm to be successful and influential in today’s era. And who better an example of a charismatic personality than Ketan Pawar, child of Jayant Pawar. His father’s support in every step of his life has helped him in blooming high in life.
Ketan especially had a genuine fixation on photography and he was extremely good at it as well. Again, his father would play a critical role here and help him follow his passion. He wanted to especially be on the edge and snap as frequently many pictures of himself as he could.
Born in Thane, Mumbai, Ketan had grown up seeing all kinds of fashion and trends. His love for photography nudged him in the right course and at this date, he for the most part is nearly the best Facebook model in the market, especially as opposed to mainstream thinking.
The 24-year-old Facebook model born in May 1996, has an extremely genuine enthusiasm for cricket in an unpretentious manner. If he’s not working, you can get him in a field swinging his bat and going around in the ground, cricket in every practical sense is the thing that for the most part keeps him youthful and quick, which is genuinely noteworthy. His versatility and his confidence which he carries with utmost elan is the icing on the cake.

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