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MUSIC- The voice of the soul

-by Sahithya S

Music has always been an integral part of my life.Research shows that music provides a total brain workout. Happy or sad,music is that one source that would help you calm you mind. Most of us are unaware of the numerous benefits of music.Music can make us feel strong emotions, such as joy, sadness, or fear. The music we listen to depends on our mood as well.

MusicHealth benefits of listening to music:

  • It tends to improve our mood.Music has a positive effect on our brain.It helps us to relax and regulate our emotions.
  • Reduces stress and lessens anxiety. When you are too muched stressed all you have to do is listen to you favourite song.You can personally feel a change. Got an interview or an exam in an hour, I would recommend you to listen to some soothing music that would refresh you brain and memory.
  • It helps boost your memory.Music also has a positive effect on your ability to memorize.
  • It helps manage and ease pain.Music can meaningfully reduce the perceived intensity of pain, especially in geriatric care, intensive care or palliative medicine.
  • Music helps you sleep better.You are sure to fall asleep faster when you listen to soft music before going to bed.
  • Music makes you happy.

It sure does make me very much happy. Be it while doing a math problem or while relaxing on bed, music has always been the best companion. I would say music actually can help you live longer. Throw away all the day’s stress. Relax, play your favourite song and step into another world. That’s one of the best feelings I would say. When words fail music speaks. There is music in everything. The early birds chirping or the rain hitting the roof in a rhythmic pattern.Look around and enjoy this beautiful gift – MUSIC.