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Newspaper don’t transmits the covid virus ,says Harshavardhan , health minister

Covid virus has been really deadly for all the citizens all over India and worldwide. The reason behind it’s being dangerous is that this virus transmit easily through direct contact and some things also act as the messanger in transmitting of the virus. .

The recent search shows that newspaper, which was considered as one of the most common source of transmission, is not a carrier of the virus. The scientific research done shows that there’s no clue regarding the newspaper carrying the virus on surface and these rumors are baseless.

The statement has been released by union health minister , harshvardhan. He states that the use of newspaper is totally safe and there’s no proof of newspaper transmitting the virus.

“Call your hawker now as newspapers spreading the virus is a baseless rumour; it is a respiratory virus and spread through droplets suspended in the air. There is no scientific evidence before us that tells us that newspapers spread the virus. It is totally safe to read newspapers even during Covid-19 pandemic as they are not a source of novel coronavirus transmission” this is the statement released by Dr Harshvardhan.

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