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what is physical health? why is it so important? how can you know if you are physically healthy? how can you be physically healthy? these are some of the interesting questions you might ask?

Physical health simply means having a healthy and fit body. being physically fit keeps you away from diseases and illness. we all admire people who are physically fit.but when it comes to us we don’t know what needs to be done. physical health depends on the lifestyle have adapted.

do I have good physical health? let’s see;

  • you will have a good immunity
  • healthy food will be your priority
  • strong bones
  • optimistic person
  • daily exercise
  • proper intake of water
  • active person
  • high metabolic rate
  • well functioned organs
  • have a proper heartbeat rate
  • no health issues or any illness.

if you do not have these characteristics that you must focus on your physical health. how can I know if I am not physically healthy?

  • you will have a lazy type of personality
  • eating healthy food would not be a concern
  • obesity
  • no proper body posture
  • health issues and various illness
  • low metabolic rate
  • exercise won’t be a major concern

To have good physical health you need to have a proper lifestyle and routine;

some tips that can help you have a good routine:

  • proper 6-8 hrs of sleep.
  • Luke warm water with a squeezed lemon and honey is a good start of the day.
  • at least one hour of any type of exercise.
  • eating a fully nutritious breakfast.
  • lunch should contain more amount of leafy vegetables.
  • it’s fine if you skip your dinner since your digestion rate decreases at night. maybe you could just drink a glass of milk.
  • regular health checkups.


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