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Sibling things that are another level fun


Constant fights.. still the never-ending love that is never expressed though ! What else can be more dramatic than siblings bond?

“I can give you my kidney but giving you a glass of water is forbidden in my list” written by one sibling to another.

Growing up together, sharing room and wardrobe too, and yet being each other’s constant enemies this love is something that can never be bound up in words. That feeling of salvation that arises after eating the one chocolate that was kept hidden is another level of happiness. Fighting a moment and the next moment you are discussing carryminati’s new video. Living a life of Jurassic park at home but missing when apart. The list is never-ending because love is never-ending too.

Here creatorshala brings you some fun moments that you can relate to :

“How dare you touch my lays? ”

Okay! This is something that is a common fight among most of the siblings. Like I already said you can give kidney but can not share the eating stuff. In the end, you guys always end up tearing the whole packet apart and the beautiful mess sprinkles all over the floor. The accompanied scolds from mommy need a mention too.

“Pani ka glass de ek .. bring me a glass of water”

No way! This can’t be done. Either the sun will burst or the earth will enter the black whole only then this is possible. The excuse that enters this situation is ” is your leg broken? Or you had applied Henna to your feet?.. that glass of water never makes its way to the seeker.

“Annoying when busy”
When one is really busy and trying to concentrate on something it’s MANDATORY to annoy otherwise you don’t makeup to the to-do list of a perfect sibling. Though this is the most irritating thing that many of us experience but once separated this is something that we miss most.

” Begging for something that is only possible by them”

Please yar request h.. and so many other ways to beg. When you want to eat the creamy maggie that you only like when made by them or you want your assignment to be done in one night, your only rescue member is your sibling. And ..and that egoistic look that you get during that time is really funny when remembered later on.


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