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We all have gone through the phase of studying. do you remember what you studies years back? no right, so how can we study smart so that it never vanishes from our brains? are you  smart enough to apply the knowledge you have studied? if no, then what was it that you did for so many years?

lets see some tips to study smart and not hard.

create short sentences of big paragraphs.

think practically what you have studied and where you can apply that knowledge.

teach someone else what you have learnt. it will help you feed the data in your brain permanently.

dont multitask. study one content at a time and understand properly.

refer the same topic from different sources. to get clear details.

take frequent breaks after every topic. and revise the content in the break period.

stick some notes in your room where you can see it.

reward yourself after completion of each topic. it will motivate you to study further.

dont over stress yourself. you will forget everything.

study in a ventilated environment.

study in a place where no will disturb you till you complete certain content.

make use of various online studies platform.

prefer learning difficult topics through visual learning. when we learn visually we dont tend to forget.

stay optimistic and motivated. believe that you can do it.

test yourself after completion of every chapter.





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