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This MUA chose a unique way of Thanks giving | covid warriors| Awra beig

Doing something for your own passion is good but can you imagine someone using their two in one passion and profession to spread happiness and giving all the smiles as a revert to those who make our lives beautiful and healthy , who heals our sorrows. Amid covid when nobody wants to face any covid warrior and frontline worker due to the fear of getting infected , there’s one MUA , Awra beig , who is trying to do her part in spreading prosperity .
Her initiative to give makeover to the covid warriors symbolize Thanksgiving , which ofcourse is not possible because doctors and nurses are taking care in the behalf of god , still she’s trying to make sure that these angels get some pamper session.
Awra beig came into makeup profession after her mother was diagnosed with cancer, she witnessed that her mother felt amazing after a makeover was given to her. Chemotherapy made her really weak , both morally and physically. Just a dab of makeup made her mother smile. Since then , she decided to turn this into a profession.
Talking about the idea that she executed , she says that it’s about celebrating women around you , moreover, she feels that being a women itself is the essence of being it . No matter what you do , you need a pamper session and makeover for covid heroes is just a way to thank them , which is not enough but still she feels that this made them smile ultimately her goal succeeded.
Awra beig says , “Giving away a makeover was my version of celebrating their selfless and tirelessly service to us. I was fortunate enough to be with my family during this lockdown; So along with a makeover and dinner, I gifted them a return ticket to meet their loved ones. This initiative comprised of a way to show gratitude to the healthcare workers who took care of so many, including my mom”.
She indeed is doing a great job and further , she plans to spread this makeover aka Thanksgiving for those who recovered from covid .

utkarsh piyush
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