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Thoughts that pops during rain showers

Rain rain! come again the tiny by heart adult wants to have some pakora with kadak cup of tea!.. we love monsoon ! Do you ? though Insane question to ask .

Listening ambaro barasiya panni.. while it’s showering out there , is a pure bliss. Spotify has a seperate playlist for the baarish season for a reason.

Lovely Mates, what’s your go to playlist while its raining? Do you like pakora or spicy maggie? A whole fat package is there about all the things that we love to whenever the yonder pours the drops . Ever listened to the sound of drops drizzling in your lawn..if not then you must it’s oh so relaxing. For some time try to set your mind free while watching how the water flows on the curves of petals , how the nature cherish its shower.

Here creatorshala brings you some of the relatable thoughts..have a look at them!

“Pakore ke bina barish ka kya maza”
Yes ! I know only one of the member in your family always step ahead to throw the idea of pakora but..! You can’t deny everyone wants deep down your heart. Afterall we should have some benefit of rain moreover the family gossip time gets inflated too.

“Wish to enjoy the rain with your partner”
Umm! Missing someone you love the most is a constant but whenever the weather is amazing as heaven who won’t like to be with their beloved? Desire to have some coffee on the terrace, enjoying the cool breeze hitting your face and one thing that you won’t be shy of dancing in the rain with your beau!

The bollywood “cham cham” moment
Diva inside you always wants to come out and when it’s raining don’t you went into nostalgia of “tip tip barsa paani” and become carry out your own version of Raveena tondon out! Don’t forget to give it a try who knows if you will be the gracious dancing entertainer.

“Why the skin becomes tub of oil?”
Okay! Finally after the shower is done . Real life is not as beautifully perfect as the reel life. Once the shot is done in movies it becomes normal but when you will have a shower in rain resultantly it would become gross ! Suddenly when the sun strikes again the humidity and that oh so gross oily skin!

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