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Planning on working from home? You’re among the emerging trend of remote workers who work from their home office. what are some tips?

keep a fixed place in you house for working.

it should have proper ventilation.

make comfortable seating arrangement. it is important because you will be sitting there for maximum hours.

set proper working hours. and stay dedicated towards that time.

keep yourself hydrated.

dont burden yourself with over work. work consistently.

take some breaks. it is important to relax your body and mind.

discover the time at which you work the most productively.

wake up early.

do some exercise. it is important since you spend maximum day seating.

make plans the night before.

prioritize things other than work.

stay dressed. it will make you feel in your office and work more efficiently.

work in a peaceful environment, where no one can disturb you.

seating entire day in house is not enough. step outside. go for a walk.

focus only on your work , dont get disturbed with your family or friends.

create a vision board.

keep a check on how many tasks you have completed.





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