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Two man died in accident done by suv driver.

The incident of speed hitting by vehicles is common in new delhi . In one of the incident that occured in new delhi , two person were killed in an incident where a SUV hit in a high speed.

Apart from the two men , one man got injured. The men who were hitted by car included one auto driver.

The incident occurred in the greater Kailash, new delhi.

The police reached the site after the accident and they found an auto rickshaw in a brutal condition . The SUV was damaged totally.

“We received information regarding the accident on Sunday and reached the hospital. Vinod’s wife died many years ago. He is survived by two daughters. His younger daughter lives in Punjab. He used to live with his elder daughter.”

“Vinod was the sole breadwinner of the family,” the friend of vinod , who died in the accident said.


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