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Your beauty is beyond your skin .

Eww ! that’s gross. Oh my god ! What’s wrong with your face ? Why don’t you treat them properly? And so on ; these are the lines which are continuously heard by many of us having acne issue. Let me be very clear no acne , scar ,pits on your face makes you less beautiful . You are never going to be confident until you love your own skin. I know there are so many beauty standards set out there and many of us are influenced by them . A particular skin tone and clarified skin makes you beautiful and if you have some spots on your face then immediately you are not under the criteria of beauty standards set by the narrow thinking of this society.

Loving your skin in a particular condition is the ultimate kind of love. Either you are having skin issues or a clear skin all that matter is how you reflect your confidence on your face . Never be ashamed of the some marks on your face and moreover there’s no emergency to hide them only because of the fear of being judged. You need to accept your own skin and this is must to be comfortable in whatever form you are. There are lots of narrow minded standard which makes you fear about your features and complexion but believe me it’s of no base.

• be consistent with  self love : always keep pampering your skin with a consistent routine. Follow a simple routine in order to maintain your health . Eat well and do not starve yourself of the food you love. Just keep it in your mind that your body and soul belongs to you and anyone who is commenting on that should not be a matter of concern for you .

•be patient with recovery : This is a whole truth that everyone wants to be healthy and skin health is also important. Don’t panic about some acne or spots. Just have patience and if you are having any prescription from dermatologist then let it work. Don’t seek instant result. Slow and steady process gives you the best result.

•flaunt your flaws: This is the point that needs to be understood properly. For the sake of being flawless one can’t justify the use of harmful chemicals on your face. It’s totally fine to put makeup if you love it but you don’t need to do that because of society’s standard. Be as natural as you can and flaunt every single flaw you have.

• learn to handle the people who trolls : there’s no need to keep shut in order to show that you don’t give a damn about them. Whenever someone points out at skin condition of anyone ,you must speak up because it’s not okay to accept the things that can be humiliating for someone. No matter they get your point or not but you must get your words straight in their head. Be strong and do not let the narrow mind set ups judge your beauty.


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